4 Handball Tips to Form a Champion Team

Handball team tips

The formation of a champion handball team is greatly influenced by the coach. Training and managing a group of players is a task of constant discovery, and in this process, those who manage to get the best out of the team and raise the level of the team are the most recognized.

In addition to methodology, there are points that deserve to be highlighted in the preparation of a team that aims for glory. Therefore, we will list below some handball tips to make a difference and make your mark. The title comes from sweat! Here we go?

Define a tactic

If you already know your team and have had experiences with this group of players in competition, it is already possible to design an efficient tactical plan. The handball is a very dynamic game with constant changes, but basically are two the main focus when choosing a tactic: the characteristics of their athletes and their familiarity with a particular style of play.

Is your team tall, have players of good size, long-distance? If so, you can consider a 6: 0 or 5: 1 zone defense with transitions to 3: 2: 1 in specific game situations, for example. If the biotype of your athletes is more diversified, with agile tips and stronger centrals, you can consider a zone in 4: 2 or even 3: 3 to take away many of the opponent team’s chances of kicking.

Here, the task is to understand what is the best style of play for your team, with which it will adapt and obtain the best results. The same goes for the offensive sector. The great touch of the best coaches is to form a team that on the court offers more than their individualities. That is, it is practically a puzzle, and deciphering it is the role of the coach .

Value ball control

Having the ball in handball is the beginning of everything, because when dominating it, the opponent must first worry about recovering it and then think about scoring a goal. So put that in your players’ minds: value control of the ball.

With possession dominated it is possible to start setting up the play and reach the goal. It is such a simple concept that it may even sound childish, but many teams overlook this fact.

Good advice is to encourage caution and patience in the game frame during training. Your athletes should not be afraid to dare, but at the right time and as long as a chance appears. And opportunities arise in the opponent’s mistakes. Moving the ball will open spaces in the defensive position, and then it’s time to attack and get the goal.

So make your message clear. Some errors, such as a poorly made pass on the counterattack, add up goals almost given to the opponent, a value that can weigh too much on the final result. Furthermore, valuing the ball does not mean a static attack. But to perform actions correctly, within the dynamics of offensive plays, from the point of view of the coach’s work. Discipline and intelligence are essential to achieve the perfect balance.

Invest in your goalkeeper

This athlete has an extremely important role in handball. Having a quality goalkeeper under the goal posts will make a difference in search of a title, without a doubt. Investing in the goalkeeper is to offer high-level training and guidance so that he gets to know his role in the team in depth and always remains ready to make good decisions.

Unlike most popular sports, the handball goalkeeper has an advantage in his favor: the area. He owns that space and no other player can invade or step on it to take advantage of it. Therefore, it is essential to explain to the athlete that before thinking about not taking a goal, he needs to defend his area. Thus, he will expand his idea of ​​defense, realizing that his actions and skills need to focus on this aspect.

This will influence the game as a whole. In the best position when muffling a shot, shooting 7 meters and, the main thing, running away from the basic concept that the goalkeeper needs to grab the ball. In handball, this is not true. The goalkeeper needs to make sure that it does not pierce his barrier and enter the goal, but he can spread it to the bottom line that even so his team remains in possession of the ball. Invest in learning this notion, placing the area as a defense focus.

Focus on the definition

Raising the level of execution in pitches is one of the great handball tips. In addition to having a consistent defense and a good quality playing frame, the ball only comes in with one shot, right? Therefore, understanding the types and the right time to use each one is something that must be programmed in the player’s head. Most of the time this choice is unconscious, a very fast moment when the pitcher’s intuition takes over.

The great players and scorers know very well when to choose each shot and are therefore special. Two points need attention to improve this aspect of the game: technique and decision making. The technique comes with training, good decision making comes with consistency, repetition of movements.

Considering the main types of pitch in handball – pitch in support, in suspension, in the hip, in a balloon, in effect, and the 7-meter throw -, it is necessary to create a culture of improvement within your team. First, apply situations in training, whether specific exercises or even within a game. Use creativity along with your knowledge of the match to train your athletes.

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