Composite Doors Home Security Tips in Glasgow

Glasgow river clyde with homes flanking either side
most secure doors One of the best ways to prevent a home burglary is to ensure your main composite doors in Glasgow are secure in the front of your residence. Further security can be achieved by adding additional security bars, upgrading the locks or installing a solid core door. The most secure doors will have a strong door frame and multiple locks that engage when the door is closed. These will make it difficult for any thief to break into your home without a lot of effort.

Solid Core

Solid core doors are the most secure interior doors available. They are made from no less than sixteen layers of laminated timber and contain an extremely tough 48mm solid core. This makes them exceptionally strong and vastly reduces the chances of break-ins occurring. They are also resistant to moisture and temperature changes. In addition to being additionally robust, these doors are often cheaper than solid wood alternatives. They can be fitted with a variety of hardware, including electrified mortise locks and panic hardware. The best way to decide whether a hollow or solid core door is right for you is to do a cost/benefit analysis. In most cases, a solid core door will be more expensive than a hollow one but will provide superior security and insulation.

Strike Plate

A strike plate is a flat piece of metal that sits opposite the latch tongue and deadbolt tongue on most doors. It’s held in place with two screws and helps to reinforce the door jamb and protect the door frame from friction from the latch-tongue and deadbolt-tongue during normal use. Strike plates can be used on both interior and exterior doors and are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and finishes. They’re an indispensable part of any security system, and should be installed properly to maximise the amount of protection they offer your home as well as the value of the home it raises. In addition to protecting the door frame from the latch-tongue, strike plates also provide an additional anchor point to strengthen the lock’s hold on the door. A strike plate is a very affordable DIY deadbolt reinforcement that’s simple to install and provides a thick layer of protection against kick-in burglaries.


Deadbolts are one of the most important pieces of hardware for home security. They can protect your doors against kick-ins and other types of bypasses, as well as help extend the amount of time it takes to gain entry into your home. They also give you the utmost protection against forceful physical attacks as they are much harder to break through than standard locks. Standard locks may be forcibly unlocked using crowbars, while deadbolts are nearly impossible to open in this way. There are many different types of deadbolts, including single-cylinder, euro/turn, and double-cylinder models. The most common type is the single cylinder, which requires a key to lock from the outside and is locked with a thumbpiece on the interior side. Another popular option is a smart deadbolt, which can be synced with your smartphone to unlock the door. Some smart deadbolts also allow you to customize a password for each person in your household.


Locks are the devices that keep your composite doors in Glasgow shut solid, preventing others from opening them. They come in a variety of forms, including combination locks and pin-and-tumbler locks. One of the most common forms is a combination lock, which allows you to open a door with a set of numbers. These are commonly found on lockers and sheds. A lock is also used on canals and rivers to allow boats to travel up and down waterways without having to get wet. This is called a dam and lock system, and engineers have designed and built many of them. The best locks are made of metal and can withstand a lot of force. They should be made of hardened steel bolts that can resist a burglar ramming, kicking, or using a sledgehammer to break in.

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